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The AI CENTER of the INTERNORGA: AI.HAMBURG presents innovative AI startups with Impact: 8-12 March 2024

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AI.HAMBURG and the AI CENTER can be found in Hall A3 and have the Stall 629, directly opposite the Open Stage of INTERNORGA.

AI.HAMBURG is the partner of the INTERNORGA for the presentation of artificial intelligence, startups and applications for restaurants and hotel industry.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Artificial Intelligence (AI) will revolutionize the entire out-of-home market as technology. In the INTERNORGA’s AI.HAMBURG AI CENTER, innovative AI startups, with which personnel issues, goods management, processes, sustainability and much more can be optimized and more efficiently designed. A must for everyone who wants to be successful in the competition.

Companies must not miss the opportunities that artificial intelligence offers. We are happy to be able to show AI.HAMBURG and the KI Center how hotels and restaurants can do more efficient and sustainable.


Modern AI applications offer countless options. They go far beyond the language programs that are now on everyone’s lips. We speak of resource planning to request forecasts. AI is a tool to increase efficiency, innovative strength and customer experience in the hospitality industry. Young AI companies and surprising ideas, current developments and fascinating visions of digital possible makers are shown in the AI CENTER. The AI CENTER also offers a lecture program with competent decision-making and thought leaders on the Open Stage. Anyone who is interested in concrete solutions and applications of artificial intelligence will find the desired insights in the Masterclass program of the AI CENTER.



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